Welcome to the Upgraded Site!

March 27, 2021

Well here we are in 2021 and my website was overdue for a facelift! So now amid the pandemic and my graduate work at UMass Amherst, is as good a time as any.

Like any other artist, this pandemic has been a trying time, both financially and mentally. The cold months have been the toughest part of all of this since it is impossible for any of us to play music together. As the spring approaches and the warm weather continues to improve, I look forward to being able to bring the keyboard outside and getting together with other musicians to play in driveways, parks and other places to be able to make music together.

The time for live shows appears to be just around the corner as long as we continue to be proactive about wearing masks, socially distancing, and other precautions.

I can’t wait to be able to see all of you whether you be musicians or music fans. That time is coming soon!

In the meantime, stay well and be safe!