Andrew Wilcox Sextet

The Andrew Wilcox Sextet is a modern jazz group led by Hartford-based pianist Andrew Wilcox.


Featuring band members from the east coast cities of Philadelphia, New York City, and Hartford, the band has a unique chemistry from time spent in their own individual cities coupled with time together in the summers at the Litchfield Jazz Camp, where they spent their formative years. The compositions they perform include a variety of obscure tunes from lesser known 70’s and 80’s jazz musicians and Andrew Wilcox’s originals. Andrew’s originals are an organic output of his time spent out in nature combined with his life experiences up to this point. The result is a combination of intense grooves and lush, spacious harmonies for the band to expand off of. Andrew’s eclectic influences have pushed his music forward as he follows in the footsteps of progressive jazz musicians of the past. 

The Andrew Wilcox Sextet features Elliot Bild on Trumpet, Dakota Austin on Alto Sax, Joshua Walker on Tenor Sax, Andrew Wilcox on Piano, Zwelakhe-Duma Bell le Pere on Bass, and Jonathan Barber on Drums.